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 Hank's Juicy Beef at the New York City Wine and Food Festival "Street Eats"- October 15, 2017

Hank's Juicy Beef at the New York City Wine and Food Festival "Street Eats"- October 15, 2017

Why Chefs Can't Resist Reviving the French Dip - NY Mag / Grubstreet - Jan 2017



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Read Spotlight - Tribeca Neighborhood Guide


"Hank — nickname of Henry Tibensky — is your new go-to guy for Italian beef here on the East Coast. The Chicago-native brought his family’s old-school recipe to New York City, now with a modern twist. Hank’s Juicy Beef — slow roasted, grass-fed, pasture-raised, and hormone and antibiotic-free — is sliced paper thin with Italian seasoning, giardiniera (pickled vegetables), doused in Hank’s special au jus, and served on a classic Italian-style roll."

Chicago diners are obsessed with the Windy CIty's iconic Italian Beef sandwiches, but for some reason, the subs haven't made their way to New York City. Until now. A new hoagie joint is churning out classic Chicago beef, and today we're bringing some former Windy City residents over to see how the Big Apple's version compares to the original.

An Italian Beef Spot Has Arrived At Long Last - "A Little Slice of Chicago in Tribeca" - Urban Daddy - 7/6/16