Hank's Juicy Beef Party Pack (serves 12-24) (or 6-12)

Super Bowl HJB.JPG
Super Bowl HJB.JPG

Hank's Juicy Beef Party Pack (serves 12-24) (or 6-12)

from 75.00

Celebrate Super Bowl Sunday with something deliciously unique!  Surprise your host and delight your guests with Hank's Juicy Beef sandwiches, served hot and fresh!, for you!, your friends, and/or family!

HJB (Super Bowl) Party Pack (12-24 person size)

~ 5 lbs of Hank's Juicy Beef
- 12 x 6 in rolls (which can be sliced in half for hearty appetizer portions)
- 1 mild & 1 spicy giardiniera (pickled vegetables to compliment the beef)
- 24 paper boat trays with wax paper for easy serving
- 1 limited-edition Hank's Juicy Beef magnet for your stocked fridge!
- Free delivery on Saturday, 2/6, or Sunday, 2/7, (in NYC boroughs only)

Don't bring another mediocre sub or stale veggie plate!  Woo your guests/yourselves with Hank's Juicy Beef! =)  

*** 1/2 Package Party Packs are now available.  Serves 6-12. $75 ***

**Please order by Tuesday, February 2, 2016**

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Delivery is available Saturday (10am-6pm) and Sunday (9am-4pm).  We will try to be within the hour of coordinated delivery.  

Total prep-time: 10-12 min.

Requires: 1 oven (or toaster oven) & 1 microwave (or stove)

Tax and tip included!

Limited supply.  So order now!  

Questions?   team@hanksjuicybeef.com