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Why Chefs Can't Resist Reviving the French Dip - NY Mag / Grubstreet - Jan 2017



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"Hank — nickname of Henry Tibensky — is your new go-to guy for Italian beef here on the East Coast. The Chicago-native brought his family’s old-school recipe to New York City, now with a modern twist. Hank’s Juicy Beef — slow roasted, grass-fed, pasture-raised, and hormone and antibiotic-free — is sliced paper thin with Italian seasoning, giardiniera (pickled vegetables), doused in Hank’s special au jus, and served on a classic Italian-style roll."

Chicago diners are obsessed with the Windy CIty's iconic Italian Beef sandwiches, but for some reason, the subs haven't made their way to New York City. Until now. A new hoagie joint is churning out classic Chicago beef, and today we're bringing some former Windy City residents over to see how the Big Apple's version compares to the original.